June 2011


We have received a number of suggestions for improvements in the facilities at the cottage and are always grateful for feedback and comment.

As a result of comments  and our risk assessments we have upgraded the television so that you only need one remote controller rather than 3! ( better than ours at home where we have 4). We have installed a hand rail and a luminous step edge between the kitchen and the main room.  The drop-side cot is going to be be replaced with a travel cot and we have installed safer stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. There is a new lock on the back gate which means that it can be used from both sides in the event of any emergency. We have replaced all the electric blankets with sleep safe versions and installed a fire extinguisher in the upstairs area.


We have some major building work planned for this year, this will change the heating system to electricity and see the removal of the LPG cylinders.This will entail building an extension to the kitchen to house the boiler  and a utility room. We are making changes to the galleried bedrooms at the same time. This will provide privacy for guests and will  provide  two separate bedrooms with  a galleried landing between them. There will be fire escape windows in each bedroom and space for a cot in either of the rooms.


We hope to complete all of this by the end of September but we are awaiting our architect completing the building regulations etc


Please let us know ( email is good) if you have any other ideas which you feel would improve the cottage experience.



July 2011


River Walk Cottage Cooking


After a superb sunny  weekend in New Quay and Aberaeron we bought some Dover Sole from the Fish Shop by The Hive -  we got them to fillet them - coated  the fillets  in flour with a little salt and black pepper  and pan fried in a mixture of butter and olive oil for a couple of minutes each side. Some new potatoes, courgettes and a glass of wine - simple and memorable. ( other suppliers of fish are available !!!)


August 2011


The builders start on the 5th of September with a planned completion date of the 30th September. The cottage will then need a couple of weeks work to get it cleaned and set up for use. We will also use this period to check out the new electric heating system and refurbish some of the contents. We hope to be up an running again by the 15th of October but clearly this assumes no delays or snags in the building work.

Once all the work is completed we will update the photographs on the website.


October 2011


All the building work is complete, two separate bedrooms off the galleried landing, new utility room to house the electric boiler ( LPG tanks a thing of the past). The whole cottage rewired, new internal walls and strengthened ceiling supports. Ceiling in the living room lowered and insulated for sound and warmth. Fully redecorated throughout and new velux escape windows in the upstairs bedrooms.

A really well designed project by the architect Griff Davies from New Quay and  superbly built by Gary Fryer from Aberaeron.

Heating installation by David O'Reilly of Upgrade Heating ( Aberaeron) and electrical work by Micky Welham ( Aberaeron).

It all looks really good and we are looking forward to spending a few days at the cottage next week before the next guests arrive.

Tracy & Ivan and  Michelle put in an enormous amount of work to get the cottage back into shape after the builders left.

July 2012

We are well into the holiday season now, we used a quiet period earlier in the year to upgrade the shower with a fitted shower cubicle, fit a bathroom heater for the colder months and fit a new door out to the patio to reduce the heat loss from the cottage.
All the work again done superbly by David, Gary & Micky ( who we are happy to recommend to to anyone who needs work done)

We spent a few days at the cottage with our American Grandchildren who confirmed that a good holiday really only needs crab fishing and ice cream
We have plans later in the year to build an upstairs toilet with a wash basin , this will have access off the landing and use part of the small leg of the L shape of one of the bedrooms. This will depend on the project being feasible and affordable but we think it will make a big difference to the cottage facilities.
We have resisted installing internet access as one of the benefits of being on holiday is from our point of view being out of email range. Any views on this are welcome

January 2013
All the planned  work has been completed so there is now an upstairs toilet and washbasin. It all looks excellent and Gary, David and Micky have done another really good job.



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